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360 degree feedback for managers
Since 1997 Brook Data Consulting has been working with the managers of numerous businesses and organisations to develop their skills and abilities in the workplace - via 360 degree feedback for managers


360 feedback for managers is information gained about managers from colleagues and contacts within and sometimes without the organisation. These are people at the same level as, on the level below and the level above the manger.

A series of best practice and behaviors is agreed and feedback is sought as to how well the manager is matching them with reference to

   - Working with customers
   - Setting direction
   - Managing the business
   - Managing self
   - Demonstrating charisma and presence
   - Building the team
   - Developing the team

Our software collects all responses and produces individual manager reports featuring graphics and text

The process can be "stand alone" or compliment in-house training at your organisation

key points

  • all aspects of the project handled by Brook Data Consulting

  • online and paper based options

  • full colour report provided for the managers

  • sustainable shredding and use of any paper based survey materials

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