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data collection and analysis
Since 1983, data collection and analysis has been at the heart of business. Data has been collected from tens of thousands of questionnaires, report forms and feedback forms. Our in-house software allows for the data to be collected twice by our skilled staff, then proofs the two data sets for accuracy. So doing, we are justifiably proud of the accuracy of our work.

Once the data is collected it can returned to clients for their own uses in Excel, CSV, Access etc. format

Data analysis  is another of our specialties - tables of results, PowerPoint's, Web pages, Executive reports all completed by us for clients

key points

  • data is collected twice to ensure accuracy

  • data can be returned for in-house analysis or used by Brook Data for reporting

  • sustainable shredding and use of any paper based survey materials

  • data analysis via tables, PowerPoint's, web pages and written Executive reports

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